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News added NOVEMBER 16TH, 2003

Tom Felton & Emma Watson discuss winning the CoS DVD award! Very entertaining! Click here.


Tom Felton on set.

Say it with me...Yummy!

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November 16th, 2003: UH-OH! Tom's outgrowing the role:

Today's episode of This Morning reported that Tom Felton's growth spurt has been causing problems on the set. He's now taller than Jason Isaacs and many of the other actors. They also mentioned that Tom is now getting more fan mail than Dan, Rupert or Emma.

So, what does this mean for Tom? Well, he's popular and growing. Yes, it's true - Tom has not yet signed on for the 4th movie. New photos from PoA have become available.

The PoA trailer is available online at and also before the Looney Toons Movie. Apparently, it's really good!



September 23rd, 2003: From The, pictures of Tom Felton and Emma Watson accepting a CoS award on the Disney Channel. The top picture is from that. Others will be added in time.


September 22nd, 2003: HAPPY SWEET 16 TOM!!! Exactly one month since the last update, wouldn't you know it - Tom's 16th birthday is today! Wow.

Yeah, so, I really don't have anything at all to update. Nothing. Nada. Zip. There has been no Tom news at all. Aughhhhhh!! Well, I remember something, but it's on the other computer and I can't access I really have nothing.

As for the HP at CoS script...well, that was kinda a poo mission. I have been incredibly busy and have had no time at all to dedicate to even writing one word down. Sorry ya'll!


August 22nd, 2003: I am a chipmunk. A swollen chipmunk. Actually, I'm bordering on looking like my hamster, Aztek. LOL

Anyway, I've posted a pic from which has 3 BTS pics. If you go to the Pictures link, then click on Prisoner of Azkaban/Behind the Scenes. There are pics there.


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