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Don't you just hate it when you want to remember something Tom said from one of his movies, and you can't? Well, fear not, my friends, for I have put in labourous womanhours to write down everything Tom says in his movies.

Alas, I regret to say I don't have anything from Second Sight I or II. Sorry...Anyway, I know there's another Tom site that has these lines, but that's 'cause I let them be put there. So don't think I'm stealing...I'm the one who started this wonderful line writing thing!
Hahah! Enjoy!

**** If you want to put them on your page, please e-mail me asking permission. You wouldn't be too happy if you put in so many hours to find that someone else just copy and pasted your info. You can find my e-mail addy at the bottom of the page, or on the Contact Me page.

Tom Felton plays Draco Malfoy:

Scene: Staircase/before sorting session:

It's true then. What they're saying on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. This is Crabbe, and Goyle. And I'm Malfoy...Draco Malfoy.
(Ron snickers) Think my name's funny, do you? Should I need to ask yours? Red hair, a hand me down must be a Weasley.
We'll soon find out some wizarding families are better than others, Potter.
You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort.
I can help you out there.

Scene: Flying Practice/after Neville falls:

See his face? Maybe if the fat lump had given this a squeeze he'd have remembered to fall on his fat ass. (Give it here, Malfoy - Harry) No, I think Ill leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find. (Soars through group) Maybe up on the roof. What's the matter, Potter? Is it beyond your reach? Is that so? Well, have it your way

Scene: Flitwicks class/practicing spell:

Wingardium leviosa.

Scene: Eating hall/Quirrell screams about the troll:


Scene: Quidditch game:

Scene: Prof. McGonagalls room/after he told on Harry and crew:

Excuse me, Professor. Perhaps I heard you wrong. I thought you said
the four of us.

Scene: Walking out to Hagrid's hut for detention:

The forest? I thought that was a joke. Students aren't allowed.
We can't go in there. There are...werewolves.
Okay, then I get Fang.

Scene: Walking through forest w/Harry:

Wait till my father hears about this. This is servant stuff
Scared, Potter?! Did you hear that?...Come on, Fang. Scared. *scoff*

Scene: Forest after seeing Voldemort:


Scene: House cup competition

Yes! *cheering* Awesome!
(Gryffindor awarded more points.)
*pouts and slams hat down.*


Tom Felton plays Louis Leonowen:

Scene: About to board the boat:

Mother, come look! I think they've killed someone!

Scene: Walking through the crowd after departing the boat:

Mother, why does this king need you if no one here speaks English?

Scene: In the carriage:

*shrug* You mean like Jesus?...But why couldn't he just send him to London?
Mother! Look at those statues!

Scene: The house:

I thought we didn't have any money!
Sounds like were living in a beehive!
Mother, how can it be a proper household? You havent lived in England since you were a little girl, and I've never been there at all.
Father would have put him right in his place. He was a brave man, wasn't he?
*laugh* Yeah...

Scene: Walking to King/In the palace:

Mother, are those men speaking French?

Scene: Meeting the Royal Family:

Mother, what's a concubine?
He doesn't look too happy about it.

Scene: Going to bed:

Moonshee, why does the king have so many wives? he needs a lot of wives to take care of them? Does he love all of them?
Like you loved Father?...Mother, why doesn't Queen Victoria have a lot of husbands?

Scene: School:

Not in my house they don't. *laughs*
Son of teacher couldn't care less.
I will not. Im sorry, Mother, but he started it... You don't have a father!
You have a map!...I didn't touch you, I shoved you! Why don't you get one of your slaves to shove me back?!
*grumbling* Arg! Get off me! Argh!

Scene: Night at School:

997...998...999...1000. Finished. Aren't you coming?

Scene: Outside w/class and frog:


Scene: On the Royal Boat:

*mimicking rowing*
Uh, yes, Your Majesty?
Mother! Mother, look! There's Moonshee and Beebe!

Scene: On elephant:

Why would I lie about snow?
Me? Jolly good!...But mother, he's the King. My father smoked, too.

Scene: Night, after stealing a cigar and getting ill:

It was his idea. How can anyone smoke those things?...Is that why you like him, the King, I mean? Cause he reminds you of Father?

Scene: The ball:

(Singing with choir):
Im half-crazy,
all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage,
And you look sweet,
upon the seat,
of a bicycle for two.

Scene: House, in rain:

*plays bugle*
Mother, I think I should have a topknot like the other boys...
I don't see why I have to miss school.

Scene: Carriage/White elephant crowd:

Mother, doesn't Chahng See Kao mean white elephant? Do you think they've found one?
I don't want to go, Mother. I don't want to leave my friends. The king has done good things, too. You said Siamese people are just like us! And what about Chulalongkorn? Doesn't he matter anymore?

Scene: Monastery, looking through telescope:

Mother! Come look! The king is waiting on the bridge! And there's hundreds of men on the other side!

Scene: Night, after battle:
*plays bugle solemnly*

Scene: The Play, after falling over in elephant costume:
The end!


Tom Felton plays Peagreen Clock:

Scene: Kitchen:
Oh, I hate big days.
That's not true. I like sweets. Candy...chocolate, ice cream, chips, donuts with jam...

Scene: Fridge:
Where do you think youre going? Dad told us not to budge. Not. Wait for me, Arrietty, don't
climb so fast! Dont leave me behind!
If Dad catches you, Arrietty, I have nothing to do with this. This is a big mistake.
Arrietty? Im going to need a lot of ice cream. Arrietty...ugh...Arrietty, what are you doing?
What about the ice cream? *grunts, groans*, Oh, Arrietty-ooh! Ahh! I can't hold it!
I can't hold it, Arrietty, help!...Dad! Urgh, *straining* Dad! My arm's stuck!...Dad! Dad!
Dad! She made me do it, it's not my fault...In there...Is that bad?.
Dad, Dad don't do it, no, no, Ahh! We did it! We did it!

Scene: In little home:
He did it. He did it. He jumped right off the fridge...But I hate milk.
Yes, Arrietty, me and Dad have had it up to here (makes gesture) with your behaviour.
Ugly...double smelly...I believe it! Me, neither.

Scene: Vacuuming:
Ugh! Er...AHH! AHH! AHH!

Scene: In the box/moving van:
Ooh! Ahh! Dad, help, help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Ahh! Mum, ahh!
I cant hold on! AHH! AHH! Ahh! Auuughh...eww...huh? Ahh! Oh, ha.ha.ha.

Scene: Inside the walls of the house:
Im tired, Arrietty...I hate the world. I'm staying here...What was that?!...What's he doing?
What are you on about now? *gasp*...Don't be stupid. How are we going to get it away from that
huge bean? Hey, but, Arrietty, I haven't had my lunch!

Scene: Moving the will:
I'm moving as fast as I can...Thats not true! This ends much heavier! Do you think he saw
us? That's the biggest bean I've ever seen!

Scene: Folding the letter:
What for, idiot? Well never get out of here without him seeing usI still think
we should wait here for mum and dad...*gasp* Arrietty, weve been seen! *whispers* Arrietty, Hurry Arrietty, hurry, hurry

Scene: About to get foamed/getting foamed:
We're outside for just 2 minutes and look what happened! We fell inches and inches, and now
look at me! I'm covered in poo...Where are we going? No, I see it! Run! Run! Arrietty, help! I am running!

Scene: Running from Potter:
Hurry, Arrietty, hurry!...Ah-choo!!! AAHHH! AHH! AHH! ARRIETTY!...*whimpering*
AHH! ARRIETTY! AH! Help! Ahh! *lands on light* Up here, Arrietty!...Huh? Ow! Ow! It's hot!
Help! Arrietty, where are you? Help me, Arrietty! Arrietty, help! Ow! Arrietty, he's coming! Help me!
Ahh!...I hate those beans.

Scene: Outside on the roof:
*hits head* Ow.
Oh, its too far. Cant we stay here? And if we go out there?...Hmm...squished, might get squished.
Not much of a choice, is it?...So?...*on wire* *sneers*

Scene: Pigeon/Pipe:
Fun? You must be missing a part of your brain!...So?..*gasp*, uh, uh, Ahh! Ahh! Help! Ahh!
Whoa! Ahh!...ahh!...OW! Ugh! Ahh! Arrietty!

Scene: Milk truck:

Scene: Milk Factory:
OW!...(singing) Green bottles, sitting on the wallGreen bottles, sitting on the wall.
AHH! *grunts* ARRIETTY! Hurry! Ahh! Oh, I hate this place!
(Singing) One little boy, sitting on the wall. One little boy, sitting on the wall.
Hello, Spud.

Scene: About to be milked:
Can't I stay here until it stops?...But I don't like milk. *gasp* I'm gonna be milked!
Gonna be milked! I'm gonna be milked! *grunts*...yeah...AHH! AHH! Help!
*gasps*Help!...Huh? *sputters* *coughs* Oh, I hate milk
Uh, okay, mum...uh, okay, okay, uh, okay, mum.

Scene: Free from the bottle:
Oh, thanks for the coat.
Ahh! *grunting* *straining* We're gonna be cheesed! HELP! We're gonna be cheesed!

Scene: Storage Room:

Scene: Under trash bin:
AHH! Ooh...*gasp* AHH! AHH! AHH! AHH! OOF!

Scene: Samurai Borrowers:
Who are they?
*crosses arms*

Scene: Watching father talk to Potter:

Scene: Serving food:
So, dad, why did you give up being an outie?