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Tom Information

Here you'll find stats on Tom Felton...well, duh. :)

General Information:

Name: Thomas Matthew Felton
Goes by: Tom
Birthday: September 22nd, 1987
Which means he's a: Virgo
Current Age: 14
Born in: London, England
Lives in: Surrey, UK
Nationality: British
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Left handed or Right: Right
Brothers or sisters: 3 brothers, one is 20.
Pets: Known: A Chinchilla
Favourite animal on Harry Potter set: Boa Constrictor and the owls
Idea of a good career: Professional Fisherman
Personality: Nice...well, we can presume that!
Music Taste: Rap


If your starsign gives you your personality, then
you tend to express yourself through your work and seek to to bring matter under the control of the mind so that your key phrase is - I analyse - where you are meticulous in carrying out work. This ability to think things through needs to be balanced by the realisation that the mind serves the the spirit, and that overwork is not wisdom, a capacity for self denial where work is concerned can lead to exhaustion, while fears can bring on semi-reclusive behaviour in some Virgos. You place a high value on words and can be entranced by them and you make a good student but tend to think intellect is all when judging a person. You have a healthy concern for a good diet and should avoid artificial foods and medicines which will disagree with you. You are also impressed by good clothes and quality. Gossip and judging people by their appearances are given too high a priority by you since you value neatness in clothes. You may be impervious to love overtures and stay unmarried since no one measures up to your impossible standards, but once married you will rule the roost.


Tom went into acting when he was 7 in community plays. When he was 8, an actress friend suggested him into the entertainment lands. He met with an agent around two weeks later and was chosen out of four hundred children to get a spot on a national commercial campaign.
He did some radio voiceovers, and then went on to star in two television episodes (Bugs and Second Sight II). In 1997, he was played Peagreen Clock in the movie The Borrowers with John Goodman. In 1999, he was played Louis Leonowen in Anna and the King with Jodie Foster. In 2001 he took on the stunning role of Draco Malfoy in the hit movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. And now, in 2002, he will be playing Draco again in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Tom can sing. He joined a church choir at age 7 and has since been a member of four other choirs at school. He was even offered a place in the Guilford Cathedral Choir!
Tom plays a variety of sports. He iceskates, rollerblades, plays football, basketball, cricket, tennis and he swims. With all this, our boy will surely become a hit.

Tom Felton indeed...:)

If you have any other information, e-mail me.
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