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Old News and Updates

Here are old news and updates from the past few months.


August 21st, 2003: Aggghhh, I got my only 2 wisdom teeth out last night, and I'm a little puffy, but generally okay.

Anyway, Tom article from North County Radio Online:

Actor Tom Felton, who plays the villian in the Harry Potter films spoke to hundreds of kids, signed books, and posed for photos yesterday at Massena High School. Felton is an avid carp angler and co-host of the St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament being held this week. 

That's all the Tom news I have!


August 13th, 2003: According to this newspaper article from the Sun, Tom Felton and some other actors (including Robbie Coltrane) went into a pub and was ID'd. No, he wasn't trying to get a drink - LOL - they were checking the children's ages.

That's about all the Tom news as of now.


August 3rd, 2003: Another new picture has surfaced. Copy and paste this link to see Tom Felton in wardrobe:


August 3rd, 2003: Our computer broke a while ago, and therefore I could not edit anything. Pooey. However, PoA has started filming with Tom and I have obtained...*gasp* one picture. Well, one is better than none.

It appears that Alfonso Cuaron (director) is keeping the actors in Muggle clothing, and Tom does not have his hair slicked back like he has playing Draco. I'm not sure if the picture is from a rehearsal or what, but...

As for updates, I don't have any right now. There is a rumour going around Tom Felton has officially withdrawn from Goblet of Fire, but this is a RUMOUR. It is neither confirmed nor declined, but as of now, it is untrue.


June 20th, 2003: By the powers vested in me and Tom Felton, I command all of thee to go see From Justin to Kelly, in theatres today! I'm going to see it in...*looks at clock* one hour! Haha!

Anyway, I am on a very fast computer, listening to music from Justin to Kelly, and have updated Cast Interviews, put some stuff in Mistakes, added a CoS page, etc etc...

That sort of thing. Seeing as how I have heard no Tom news at all, I have not updated any of his stuff.

Another note: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out today. I have it preordered, but may not get it until next week!!! Stupid shipping people...*blows steam* I will not post any spoilers or anything, but go check the book out or buy it and read for Draco yummyness.


June 12th, 2003: *blushes* I am so sorry for not updating. And I don't know when I'll have time, to be honest. Not too many people come here anyway, so it may be July or August when I have time. Meanwhile, go see From Justin to Kelly in theatres June 20th!!!


April 23rd, 2003: I got my braces off!! Yay! So, I'm here with hours to spare to update the page. I will be mainly updating Pictures, adding some things here and there, etc. etc...

You get the deal.


April 6th, 2003: Me bad...*slaps wrist* Sorry about not updating for so insanely long. I've had a lot to do. Anyway, I'm not sure when the next major update will be. It may be April 23rd, when I have some time off - but we'll see. I have deleted scene pictures, new pictures, etc etc all of Tom.

However, personal issues have arisen, so I may not have any time.



January 19th, 2003: Oooh, me bad. I'm so sorry for not updating. I've been going through kind of a rough time so I didn't have any time to update. I don't know when the next will be, preferably on Tuesday when I get to use my dad's fast computer. Cuz, I have an orthodontist appointment and I broke a bracket...tsk, tsk. I was eating those Valentine's Day Candy Hearts with the words on them, and something went CRACK and I went...Damn.

Anyway, with the update Tuesday, I shall be off. Look forward to pictures and stuff!


December 16th, 2002: This is so great. We had some kind of gas leak at school before it started, and we all got to go home! Yet another day of freedom to work on this wonderful website! I have updated the Interviews page greatly...and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I hope to get some pictures uploaded soon, so check out that section.

As for Tom news, there've been rumours going around that he's not going to be in Prisoner of Azkaban, and that he's acting in a new Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Dan Radcliffe. This is FALSE. Both rumours are rumours. Tom's still with us for PoA, and he's not in Willy Wonka.


December 12th, 2002: Hah! School was cancelled today as they thought we would have "freezing rain." Didn't have rain until after school would have been over. Yay! Anyway, I updated the Interviews page greatly...and hope to add two more interviews in the next few days. I expect to update the CoS pictures page soon, too.

Stay tuned!


December 10th, 2002: Goodness! It's been forever since I have uodated! I'm so sorry...not that many peeps come here anyway. But, the reason I haven't updated is my computer has been frigged lately and hasn't let me do anything.

Anyway, I have a lot of COS pics to update, as well as interviews. I saw COS and Tom was hot hot hot in it!!!!


October 26th, 2002: Sorry for not updating. Time is of the essence, and the essence I have not. Anyway, I was planning to post yesterday, as it was my 16th birthday, but did not get around. I have found zillions...okay, 3 Tom interviews, and was hoping to have them posted, but I have to find time to do that. :(

Anyway, it was discovered a few days ago that Katharine Nicholson (rumoured Pansy Parkinson) was actually never cast in HP. It was a rumour set up by an American journalist. As such, all information (aside from pics) about Katharine are false, including the rumour she dated Tom. This never happened, and for one, I am quite glad of it.

On a sadder note, I could post this in the HP section, but again, time!, anyway, Richard Harris died yesterday (my b-day) of cancer. He played Albus Dumbledore in the movies. We're all definitely extremely sad by this news and hope that his family is holding up. Goodbye, Richard. RIP.

Updates: Interviews...I shall try...Pictures: Custom shots should be updated. That might be all.


October 14th, 2002: Thanksgiving today! Anyway, I have come across a new CHAMBER OF SECRETS TOM FELTON INTERVIEW!!!!! WAHOOOO! Finally some Tom stuff! I will post the 'view in the Interviews section, but also right here...:

What's the secret to cry or laugh on cue?

There's always something on set to laugh at! To act upset, I think of cold things - don't ask me why!

Which room or set did you most like to work in?

I loved the Slytherin Common Room - it had weird walls that shimmered as if they were under water.

If you had a secret power, what would it be?

To be able to make the world quiet. Sometimes quiet is good.

If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you secretly want to be in and why?

Slytherin! [of course!] I couldn't go to Hogwarts and stick to all the rules. Having a wand would be too useful to keep in your pocket. I couldn't help myself from using it.

Okay, there's the interview. I'll always be continually updating the COS pictures page as well as the Custom Screenshots page three.

*is very happy she found some stuff*

So, cheers until I return!


October 11th, 2002: Okay - so blame school for the un-updatedness of this website. Honestly, I've had no time at all!!!! Anyway, I've not heard any Tom news - though I wish I had, but I have added the 3rd and final custom screenshots page in the Pictures page. Be sure to check out all those pictures!

Also, in the future, I will be adding a Wallpaper/Manipulations page with funky Tom stuff.


September 29th, 2002: I've noticed that my new Hit counter has like, hardly any visit hits on it. Does no one come here? *aw...*

Okay. I know last week I promised to put up new COS shots, but I didn't have time...I have time right now, though, so I'm going to try on uploading those. I haven't heard any more Tom news, so...


September 22nd, 2002: HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY TO TOM FELTON!!!! Yes, Tom is 15 today, this wonderful sunny (where I am) Sunday. Wishes that it's the best to Tom!


September 21st, 2002: Tom Felton's 15th birthday is tomorrow! Happy Pre-birthday, Tom!

I was at and came across a link to a COS movie review. There is a snippet about Tom, but the reviewer didn't give him his due credit. Here's what he had to say:

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have the annoying little Tom Felton as chief bully Draco Malfoy, who apparently hasn't dropped his set yet, and squeaks noticeably beside the other actors. Felton is more of the child actor school I mentioned previously, very aware of his performance and completely unconvincing. Since you're supposed to hate him, I suppose one could say "who cares?" but I'd like to see a better actor take up the role of the menacing and smarmy Malfoy some day.

Now, I don't give a rat's ass about bad things this guy has to say about Tom. He's perfect for the part, and in what I've seen of COS so far, he sounds deeper, looks meaner, and is definitely growing up.

As for site updates, check out Custom Screenshots Page Two - with more custom pictures from the first film. I will also try to update the COS pictures page, because I've come across some promotional pictures from COS.


September 17th, 2002: I was trying to give the site a new look, but it doesn't seem to be working out quite the way I wanted. As for updates, I really don't have anything. I wish I could have updated the Custom Screenshots, but uh, well, I forgot to bring the disk to the fast computer...*hits self on head*

Um...anyhoo...sorry about that.


September 14th, 2002: Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! Grade 11 is really hard and I've had no time to update!!! Okay, so I've got some new pictures of Tom from COS.

I also have the second COS trailer link and if you listen really closely to it, you can hear Tom (Draco) yelling at Harry. His voice sounds quite different (so does everyone else's) but...well, as for updates...don't look for any, cuz I have NO TIME at all.

New Tom Pictures:

New COS trailer:

Enjoy your day!



August 31st, 2002: I can't believe that in only 11 days it will be September 11th. My gosh, how fast this year has passed.

Onto the site: Well, we are nearing closer and closer to the release date of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (November 15/16th.)

Bookwise: When I was in a bookstore a while ago, a couple weeks, I heard the shopkeeper talking to another customer about the release. She claimed it was December, 2002.

Now, we all now that, if you keep up with the buzz, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has no release date, but, at the latest, it scheduled for a Fall, 2003 appearance. But this did come from a bookstore. Now, the shopkeeper could have been mislead, and don't rush around screaming you know the date, I'm only stating what I heard.

Site Updates: Yesterday I came on here to upload some new screenshots from the movie I've made myself, but my comp disconnected me from the 'net and I lost all my work. Argh. Anyway, I have 59 or so shots to get up. Which will, since uploading each picture takes about 5 minutes, 59x5 is 295 minutes - which, divided by 60 is almost 5 hours of uploading. Expect this in steps, friends.

But please do check out the screenshot section - these are new Tom pics!

Tom News: None other than the fact his birthday is coming up on September 22nd.


August 28th, 2002: I was just informed my school starts next Wednesday, not Thursday. Augh, I've lost a day of vacation!!!! Damn!

Anyway, I've started making custom screenshots. Check out the Pictures Page and click on Custom Screenshots. Easy enough directions, huh? LOL.

So, check out the TFAM Fanbase for some questions and queries!


August 26th, 2002: I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, guys!!!! *dips head* But now I'm at my dad's work on his speedy computer, and you're in for a treat today!

Tom News: 0 :(

Updates: Millions! Check out the Pictures page! I have divided it up into sections, plus I have about 30 new pictures! Also, check out the links page and the Fanbase.


August 11th, 2002: I'm back from California, which was pretty nice. The plane ride back was freaky, since I hate planes, but I did meet a very nice person in the Toronto Airport...we chatted, but I didn't even get her name! lol.

Anyhoo, I apologize from the lack of updates. =(, but I haven't come across anything.

I will add a new section, entitled: TFAM Fanbase, a section of this site where fans of Tom Felton can send in things to me (for e-mail see Links) and/or can post their thoughts on various topics.


July 28th, 2002: Hey again, everyone. How's it going? Okay, I did some renovations to the site, and would be very happy to receive an e-mail...sometime soon? Please? Just to know people come to this site???

As for updates, I went around to almost each page and did something. Can't be too specific, but look around, there's bundles of stuff.

Is there anything YOU want on this site? Give me a message at:


July 27th, 2002: Greetings from sunny, smoggy California. T'is me, Kaite, logging in to bring you some Tom news...FINALLY.

And that is...Tom Felton has signed on to do Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!!! Yes, folks, it is official from the Official Tom Website Forums. This movie should be coming out in late 2004.

As for other updates...stay tuned. They may come I am busy today.



July 20th, 2002: The Script is complete and is up! Yes, sirrreee Bob, you heard me right. The script is up. I finished a few days ago, but had not the time to update this page.

Anyway, I added a new page! Called: Oops! This page contains mistakes from the movie! Check it out!

Oh, I'm off to California in a few days, so there may not be any updates for a week or so!



July 17th, 2002: *Frustrated sigh.* Okay, maybe the whole script IS NOT UP, YET. Tripod has a tendency to delete all my apostrophes...all right? So I have to go back through and put them all in, plus, it takes about 10359483023 minutes to do anything!!!!! And I'm going to California next week so I gotta get this up. It's just soooo frustrating. I'm sorry, folks, I'm workin' on it. Maybe send me an e-mail to boost my spirits? ( ?

-Katie Katie Katie Katie-Ann!

July 13th, 2002: My attempted update on the "fast computer" did not work, as Tripod was being utterly horrible and wouldn't even let me edit anything. *Large sigh.* The thing is, when I put the script from WORD to the text box in the comp, it deletes ALL the apostrophes - which is quite annoying, eh? Because then I have to go put them back in. *Another Large Sigh* Anyway, yes, there are some mistakes as my brother so "kindly" pointed out, but hey, I was doing it for you guys! So you could all read it! (And so my brother and I could act it! *g*) Anyhoo, pictures and the script will continue to be updated.


July 9th, 2002: Well, it's time everyone! I worked all of Saturday morning, ALL of Sunday, and 3 hours of Monday to go through the entire movie, write it down, and type it up. 80 pages of written work, 8 hours of going through a 2 1/2 hour movie, and 2 hours of writing it up on the computer. Wow. I am so tired, I even pulled a muscle in my back from sitting so long, and my fingers are sooo tired.

BUT I DID IT! THE ONLY Harry Potter Script (I know) on the Internet! Since this took me a whole 3 DAYS, I would appreciate anyone wanting to post this script or do anything from it e-mail me, please.

The Script (!!!) will be on the Script page!!

- A very proud, Katie :) :) :)

Sorry for all the downtime! On my part!

July 6th, 2002: I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates, folks. Hopefully, you haven't quite abandoned this site. The reason I haven't been here for 2 months is that my computer connection is very very slow and it takes YEARS to get to this site and do everything. Because my patience is not that high on such matters, I tried to use a faster computer, but did not get access. As such, I may get to that computer next week (as it is at my father's work and I have to go down to the city anyway) so there will be a big big big update next week, around Thursday.

At the moment, I will be trying to upload some pictures from CoS, as I have found a plentiful amount. I must say, though, Tom does look quite evil in this...heh. Anyway, the Harry Potter Script (!!!!!) will be up next week with the BIG update, so you guys'll just have to bare with me for a week or so, okay?

Thank you all!!



May 19th, 2002: Okay, folks. What's up with this?? Here's the article *sniff*. I apologize for the bounce in font size. Tripod is being mean.

Anyway, no other news or updates. Only a little while longer till the DVD is out!

The Express reports that Tom Felton, otherwise known as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, has grown tired of acting:

Tom, 14, who plays Draco Malfoy, the meanest schoolboy at Hogwarts, said yesterday: "
Harry Potter
is fantastic but when this is over I don't think I'll carry on.

"I want to go to college to do fisheries studies.

I haven't accepted any other films outside of this because acting isn't the be-all-and-end-all for me. I think you have to keep your feet on the ground with this sort of stuff."

He added: "In spite of what
Draco is like I really like school and I miss it a lot when I'm filming. I've a fair idea what I want to do for my GCSEs - I will definitely be doing music."



May 11th, 2002: Holy cow! Look how long it's been since I updated! Okay, well I'm here now and for the very first time in a millenia, I have some Tom news, or rather, a picture! Since the Harry Potter DVD and Movie have been released in the UK, Tom, Emma, Robbie and Rupert were at Kings Cross Station promoting.

There's a picture, too! Tom's hair looks really really blonde, but he still looks good!

As for any updates, I have none. Wait until a little after May 28th, when I will have the Harry Potter Script up!!


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