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T.O.M. F.E.L.T.O.N: To Our Man For Every Little Thing Over Night!


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Contact Me

Here's where you can e-mail me....Kaite!
PS: I love getting e-mail, so feel free to give me a message...I will reply!

About Me ...a tad!
Alright, well...I'm 16 and insanely crazed over Tom Felton. Obviously, I'm not going to give out any personal information.
But I will say that I love horseback riding, and live in Canada. I love reading and writing, and I may very well have a book published soon! *crosses fingers*
Anyway, I'm a boy-crazed teenager and some of my favourite movies are: A Walk to Remember, From Justin to Kelly, Finding Nemo, Kate and Leopold, 2 Fast 2 Furious, ...Etc.
Send me an e-mail at...
I promise I will reply!

In e-mails, you can write about:
- comments to the site
- Things to add
- News about Tom
- News about Harry Potter
- Things to take off (heaven forbid!)
- Permission letters (for scripts, etc...)
- General talk!! :)