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Tom Interview - A pot of gel a day

This is an interview conducted dually - one part was Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle) while Tom Felton was the other part. I've taken out the Shirley Henderson part, so it's just Tom. :)


Tom. do you ever think that Harry and Draco will ever be friends?
Hopefully not, because it'd ruin my part! Ha ha. Obviously I dont know, but I cant really see it happening in the future.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Oooh, spooky. I believe in ghosts, yes, but magic maybe not.

Tom - if there was a sudden hurricane, Dracos hair wouldnt move. How much gel goes on it?
Oh, tell me about it. About a pot a day, no joke.

And do you prefer having your hair bleached?
No, why do you? Ha ha. No, I think it's awful - either long hair or bleached. But that's
Draco, so thats how it has to be.

Oh, I think you look nicer without.

Is it a lot more fun playing a baddie?
Yes, and as the story continues, the books get a lot darker. I like it, yeah.

Did you find it a frightening film to watch?
Too right! I'm supposed to be the dark, hard man of the film and I found it scary - snakes jumping out and massive spiders.

So you're not really a bad person?
No. Well, it all depends, doesn't it? Ha ha. No, not really. I try to save all the anger up till we're actually on camera, so that
Draco looks better.

If you were in Hogwarts, you wouldn't be in Slytherin?
Oh no, I would definitely be in Slytherin! I couldn't be a goody goody Gryffindor! I wouldn't be as harsh as
Draco but definitely mischievous. And I think that'd be difficult in the other houses.

What did you do between filming?
I'd be down in the games room, or eating! One good thing about the
Harry Potter cloaks was that they had huge pockets. You could fill them up full of food and drink. The people in Wardrobe started complaining after a while and they started sewing the pockets up!

Can you enjoy premieres?
Oh, how can you not enjoy it, it's great! At the first one, I didn't realise how big a thing it was until I got out of the car, and I saw everyone. I must have looked so miserable - I was too nervous to smile! For the second one i felt more prepared, and I thought I knew what to expect. I got out and there were easily four times as many people as the first time. I like to talk to fans if I can, to show them i'm an ordinary person and that I don't have any power over them, I'm just in a film!