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Tom Felton Interview #2 - Philosopher's Stone

Tom Felton, 13, is no stranger to the big screen. In fact, he played Jodie Foster's son in the drama [Anna and the King].But it's his role in [Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone] as Harry's nemesis Draco Malfoy, that'll put his name in bright lights. Watch out, every one!

Q: How did you prepare for this role?

A: I practiced facial expressions, and I snarled like a wolf.

Q: What was it like working with such great actors?
A: Richard Harris [who plays Head master Dumbledore] and Maggie Smith [who plays Prof. McGonagall] are great.
I was nervous around Robbie Coltrane [who plays Hagrid] at first. But then we became friends.

Q: Was there anything on the set that you wanted to take home?
A: I would've taken my wand. It was really cool. It was a bit of wavy sort of shape.

Q: Are you different from Malfoy?

A: He's very mean. To be honest, I'm not that mean. I think he's jealous, and he wants to be the coolest guy in school.

Q: Do you prefer to play a bad or a good character?
A: Bad. It's more fun because it's different.

Q: What kind of spell would you like to cast on someone?

A: I'd make their leg stick together so wherever the person went, they would fall over.

Q: What magical power would you want to have?

A: Invisibility. So I could sneak around and go place I shouldn't .

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