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Tom Interview #1 - Philosopher's Stone

Tom Interview 1

He's mean, cunning and creepy -- and Harry Potter is his worst enemy! It's only a matter of time before Draco Malfoy grows up to be a villain of Darth Vader proportions. But 14-year-old actor Tom Felton, who plays Malfoy, found out it's pretty fun to be a bad guy -- at least in the movies.

~How would you describe Malfoy?

Mean. Slimy. A bit like a snake. That's good for a Slytherin.

~What's his best characteristic?

He's quite clever, with all his plans against Harry.
What's the hardest part about playing Malfoy?
At first it was difficult to actually be that mean. But after a while it seemed quite fun.

~Who would you pick to be on your Quidditch team?

I hate to say this, but probably Harry Potter, because he's quite good at the game. Or Crabbe and Goyle, even, if they were any good on their brooms. They'd be strong, and they'd be bullies on the field. But they're not any good.

~What's the coolest thing about being a Slytherin?

They're different from everyone else. They're not the goody-goody two-shoes, and they've very slick and sly.

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