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Disney Magazine Tom Felton (Chamber of Secrets) Interview!

Check out the latest interview from Tom on the Chamber of Secrets!

What's the secret to laugh or cry on cue?
There's always something on set to laugh at! To get upset, I think of cold things - don't ask me why!
What room or set did you most like to work in?
I loved the Slytherin Common Room - it had weird walls that shimmered as if they were under water.  
If you had a secret power, what would it be?
To be able to make the world quiet. Sometimes quiet is good.
If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you secretly want to be in and why?
Slytherin! [of course!] I couldn't go to Hogwarts and stick to all the rules. Having a wand would be too useful to keep in your pocket. I couldn't help myself from using it.

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