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Behind the Scenes - Chamber of Secrets

This is from an Australia shown show on the making of the CoS. It included a lot of stuff, but these are just the Tom parts.


Tom: Gilderoy Lockhart and Snape are trying to have a duelling club to try and train the students to stop the murderer from going around and killing everyone. They take two volunteers. It's me and Harry. I cheat a little bit in the beginning. In the second film he seems to think up more evil schemes and whatnot. And then I sort of fire a ten-foot snake at him.

Behind the scenes shot at Mudblood scene.
Tom must have done something funny cos Emma's covering her mouth in laughter.
Chris Columbus: He turns the girls into this [covers his mouth, mocking Emma] Wow! [mocking Emma again]That was so cool, Malfoy! I'm coming over to the dark side!
Tom does an evil laugh: Muahahahaha!]

Tom: Draco Malfoy is a slick-haired, evil, nasty little kid, really, isn't he? [he says it like, inhe] He's a lot worse in the second film than he is in the first.
Dan: He's a real slime-ball.

Behind the scenes shot of the introduction of the new seeker scene.
Tom makes Dan
flinch by slamming the end of his broom into the ground in an attacking sort of way.

Tom: In the second film he hates Hermione Granger the most, probably. His dad comes into play. [On Jason Isaacs] He's the nicest guy you could possibly meet. And he makes Malfoy now a little bit more scarier.

Behind the scenes shot of filming the quidditch scenes with the blue screen.
Tom is standing over Dan, who is sitting down, getting his uniform checked.
Tom: We're not really enemies. We love each other, really.
Dan: Yeeees.
Tom: Yeesh
: I have these polaroids of Tom that I can show you.
Tom: Shu' up. Shu' up! [stands in front of Dan with his back turned to the camera to try and block the cameras view, then walks off camera]
Dan:with his hair all like, spiked up.